Simplifi-ED® LV

Software Description

Busbar Cutting Plan

Reduce BB scrape to almost Zero -

Generally we have seen that there is approximately 15% scrape generated in Aluminium BB, since the raw materials received is almost always in standard length. Copper scrape is comparatively less however it is still about 7 to 10%, since it can be ordered in custom length.

Main challenges faced related to Bus bars

1. High cost and standard length of BB, thus high value of scrape %
2. Since manual busbar fabrication methods are used, scrape is due to improper layout before cutting.
3. Estimation of correct qty to order, while estimation, we are calculating qty of Busbar required for link and Main bus bars, but since these are in cut length and busbar are ordered in standard length, we need to order additional quantity as compared to the estimated qty, how much additional is not known?
4. While manufacturing / cutting BB, user does not have any systematic layout for cutting of BB.

How SIMPLIFI-ED - BBCN will help

1. It can read inputs from SIMPLIFI-ED – Manufacturing solution and will provides adequate ordering qty just on click of mouse.
2. It can take input manually for cut sizes, cutting margin and qty for each size / length and will generate cutting plan with minimum wastage.
3. Multiple boards can be clubbed to generate most optimum utilization.

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