Simplifi-ED® 3D Manufacturing

Automated 3D models of electrical panels with manufacturing
drawings on click of a mouse!!


Benefits of Simplifi-ED® 3D Manufacturing   solution

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Simplifi-ED® 3D Manufacturing solution is here to transform the way you design and produce electrical panels. With a focus on PANEL design in 3D, this cutting-edge electrical panel manufacturing software offers a host of benefits that will streamline your operations and improve efficiency.

The manufacturing solution is a menu driven, user friendly, IT based intelligent software solution for electrical switchboards. It helps user to create automatic 3D model of the panels along with all sheetmetal & busbar drawings. And mechanical bill of material (BOM) is generated along with all hardware & accessories.


Key highlights of Simplifi-ED® 3D Manufacturing   solution

GA Automated 3D panel model

Automate manufacturing drawings


Customized solution as per design

Ready report Reports in DXF, PDF, Excel, STP & IGS format

Switchgear database with 3D blocks


Misc. reports like Sticker list,legends etc.

Engineering general arrangement drawing

Automated 3D Model

All reports ready
format in DXF/PDF

Simplifi-ED® 3D Manufacturing   solution

The 3D Manufacturing solution is a comprehensive tool for designing electrical panels in 3D. It can be used as a standalone solution or you can import projects from engineering software. The solution automatically generates reports in both DXF and PDF formats.Hence designing, developing, and sharing your designs is easy.

The 3D Manufacturing solution is designed to process inputs as an independent solution or an import from engineering solution. All reports are generated automatically in DXF & PDF format.

3D Models
- Automatic
Busbar punching & bending drawings
– Automatic
Sheetmetal DXF
– Automatic
Bill of material for mechanical assembly
– Semi-automatic

Sticker list,legends
– Automatic

Reuse of parts save times
Customized feeder layout
Wire looping chart
- Automatic

Unlock the potential of 3D manufacturing with Simplifi-ED® and experience the numerous benefits it offers. Contact us today to learn more about this amazing Electrical panel manufacturing software solution!

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