Simplifi-ED® 2D Manufacturing

Save precious working hours by getting standard drawings on a single click!!


Have a standardized panel design then this solution is a perfect fit

Benefits of Simplifi-ED® 2D Manufacturing   solution

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The manufacturing solution is a menu driven, user friendly, IT based intelligent software solution for electrical switchboards. It helps user to generate all standard drawings & part lists of sheetmetal & busbars for panels on a single click.The mechanical BOM is generated along with all hardware & accessories.

Key highlights of Simplifi-ED® 2D Manufacturing   solution

GA Main Busbar, vertical busbar & drilling details generated automatically

Generate order related parts in DXF


Customized solution as per design &
Switchgear database with 2D blocks

Ready report Reports in DXF, PDF, Excel format

Download project specific standard
manufacturing drawings on a single click


Misc. reports like Sticker list,legends etc.

Engineering GA

All reports ready
format in DXF/PDF & EXCEL format

Simplifi-ED® 2D Manufacturing   solution

The 2D Manufacturing solution is designed to process inputs as an independent solution or an import from engineering solution. All reports are generated automatically in DXF & PDF format.

For standardized design
Busbar drawing details
– Download
Sheetmetal DXF/PDF
– Download
Bill of material for mechanical assembly
– Automatic

Sticker list,legends
– Automatic

Order related parts in
Customized feeder layout
Wire looping chart
- Automatic

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